Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales

by | Dec 6, 2019 | Mobile Hose Services

Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales Aircraft Carriers

We had chance this week to see two Royal Navy aircraft carriers that are currently under construction. There’s the Queen Elizabeth, due to become operational in 2020, and Prince of Wales, due in 2022. They were both parked side by side at the MOD base at Portsmouth. This was an unusual sight, as it’s very rare them being together in docks.

The carriers are 920 ft long and displace 65,000 tons apiece. They both feature a new ski jump to assist jet takeoff. This has replaced the old catapults. Each of the carriers can carry 36 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters and 4 Helicopters.

Amazing engineering for a ship the size of 3 football pitches.

A huge thank you to all the Ladies and Gents of the Royal Navy and their families, for the great work you do.

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