Tottenham Hotspur New Stadium

by | Apr 13, 2018 | Mobile Hose Services

Tottenham Hotspur New Stadium

Today we had the opportunity to visit the all new Tottenham Hotspur ground. This was to work of the JLG 1850 SJ. This machine is the world’s largest self propelled boom.

It has an unbelievable working height of 191 feet/56.6 metres. It also has an impressive outreach of 24.38 metres/79.98 feet.

This is a huge ongoing project that was started back in 2014 looking to be completed by 2018-19 and will have cost a huge £800 million. This state of the art stadium will be replacing the current White Hart Lane. The stadium has a planned capacity of 62,062 spectators.

Must say it was a pleasure to go help everyone out and see the new stadium in progress also to work on this huge machine.

Well done to all. The ground is coming along nicely. Looking forward to seeing the completed project.

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